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Is your internet connection extremely slow? We can help solve this. Many faults are easily fixable and often occur as a result of an improper initial setup or the introduction of new devices. Allow us to review your setup, isolate the fault and show you the best solution. Are you suffering from an intermittent broadband connection? A simple visit from our engineer could resolve your problems as we specialise in fault finding in ASDL and Fibre Optic connections. If you wish to change your Internet Service Provider and would like a recommendation please call us and we can help you decide which service best suits your needs. Is a corrupt Browser or Firewall preventing your access to the internet? Simple fixes can be carried out to resolve these issues. Computer Soup can repair these and teach you how to troubleshoot these problems in the future.


Computer Soup can offer 1-2-1 tuition on areas that really matter to you. We can show you how to repair and maintain your PC, clean spyware, avoid scamware and much more. Group sessions are also available and a fixed price for block booking can be arranged. Tell Computer Soup what you wish to learn and we will create a tailor made session for you.


Computer Soup offers an onsite repair service (subject to parts and diagnosis) , visiting your site, identifying the fault and carrying out repairs. We can also advise of any upgrades that may be of benefit to you.


Computer Soup can carry out health checks on your equipment and advise accordingly as to possible upgrades or improvements to allow those devices to run more efficiently.


Would you like to connect multiple devices? Perhaps you would like to allow printer access amongst several computers concurrently. A home or business network can enable this functionality. Computer Soup can give advice for all your networking needs.


Computer Soup services both Home and Buisness users. We are also a home user /home business worker specialist allowing those end users who cannot afford full time I.T staff a viable technical backup solution.


Are your experiencing email issues? no POP access? email stuck in the outbox? Computer Soup can repair the vast majority of email issues and give you a digestable answer as to why you experienced them in the first place.


Do you wish to control the content and time use of popular web activities for particular users? Computer Soup can help give you the upperhand by educating the end user in ways to restrict use and monitor activity.


Data loss is an unfortunate experience most computer users will experience at some point. We can show you the best ways to legislate against this scenario. We can recommend for your level of use and skill level the most cost effective backup solution.


The majority of viruses come under the umbrella of Spyware. This scourge of the web surfer can cause mayhem and slow down within a users PC. It can also lead to the user having to pay for unwanted software. Allow us to guide you through the minefield of security software and educate you to spot rogue software from the start.


Make your machines wireless by the use of a wireless router, enabling you to grant connectivity to many users concurrently, share files, printers and stream music. You can also connect games consoles providing online access to gaming services.


Make your machines wireless by the use of a wireless router. This will enable you to station your PC in most locations and grant connectivity to many users concurrently. Share files, Printers. Stream music etc. you can also connect your game consoles aswell to providimng access to online gaming services.


Every PC eventually needs a cleanup and a total system rebuild can put your machine back to its original performance levels. It is a difficult task for the novice user , allow Computer Soup to handle all formatting, configuration and update responsibilities. Usually for most users the difference in performance achieved may mean a new machine is not necessary.


With the ever increasing use of smartphones for our daily computing needs allow us to help you set up your smartphone effectively.


Cloud computing allows you to link contacts, calendars and photos between multiple devices including PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Allow us to guide you through your cloud and to use it effectiviely.

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