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Terms & Conditions

1. Please note that due to the unpredictable nature of technology, Computer Soup Ltd. can only give an approximate time of arrival. Appointment times may be subject to change without prior notice.

2. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all personal and business data are backed up regularly and correctly. Computer Soup Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any data loss that may occur during or after a visit from an engineer. Please note that customers should be aware that ‘backing up’ means that data should be always be stored in a minimum of two locations. Computer Soup Ltd. can give recommendation as to which backup method best suits the requirements of the customer and further tuition may be booked to illustrate this. It is up to the customer to ensure they fully understand the backup process and take the necessary precautions to protect their information on a regular basis by verifying that any data has copied correctly and in its entirety. Computer Soup Ltd. can provide no guarantees for data at any time or for any hardware. Computer Soup Ltd. will not accept any liability for economic loss through data loss or downtime after work carried out by Computer Soup Ltd., or following third party recommendations, or changes of equipment. All works are not guaranteed due to the complexities of computing. Any user generated data held by Computer Soup Ltd. during any work process will be deleted in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

3. Customers are advised that additional charges apply if a failure occurs on the part of a third party product or service leading to a further visit being required by an engineer. Computer Soup Ltd. cannot be held responsible for the reliability of any third party services. The further charge will be agreed by the engineer and customer at the time. Computer Soup Ltd cannot be held responsible for any difficulties arising where a customer has chosen to conclude work alone or through a third party, once a third party has viewed or commenced work on a machine, all previous work undertaken by Computer Soup Ltd. becomes null and void.

4. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to provide original disks and licenses for all software. If the customer is unsure Computer Soup Ltd. can advise suitable sources from where to purchase software and licenses. Computer Soup Ltd. is unable to load on software where a customer does not supply the original licences and media for its installation. Unless stated differently by the software developer customers should be aware all software requires a genuine purchased licence.

5. Customers must give notice of any difficulties or issues arising from a service of their machine or equipment within 7 days following a call out. This notification can be given by contacting Computer Soup Ltd. on 07940 329 687 or via email to .Computer Soup Ltd. will visit you as soon as possible and diagnose the source of the issue. Computer Soup Ltd. will do everything reasonably possible to resolve any issues customers have. If the problem is deemed to be a fault Computer Soup Ltd. then further reparative work will be forthcoming and non-chargeable in accordance with the original job. If the fault is beyond the remit of Computer Soup Ltd., or the issue has been raised after 7 days has passed from the original job, or caused by a third party such as an Internet Service Provider or through user misuse then any new work carried out will be chargeable by our standard terms .

6. Full payment is required upon completion of work. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or Bank Transfer. If a customer has any issues about the service conducted by Computer Soup Ltd. please put all concerns in an email to: Complaints Dept. Computer Soup Ltd.  and through post by recorded delivery to Computer Soup Ltd. Full correspondence details can be obtained by contacting Computer Soup Ltd. on 07940 329 687 or via email to

7. During any visit it is the customer’s responsibility to make a note of all usernames and passwords that are issued or generated during any work. Customers are reminded that through any work carried out by Computer Soup Ltd. there is a possibility of loss of usernames and passwords. Computer Soup Ltd. cannot be held responsible for this loss or any resultant issues and customers are advised to make sure they have records of all of their login credentials that are stored in the computer or supplied by their service providers. Customers are also advised to follow best Health and Safety practices in lieu of any electrical or non-electrical equipment use.

8. The terms of Computer Soup’s ‘Free Estimate’, ‘No-call-out charge’ are as follows. The Free Estimate applies only to new customers within the London Borough of Bromley and is a once only offer per customer. The No call-out charge applies only to customers within the London Borough of Bromley and only begins once the engineer arrives. The Free Estimate will only apply for a maximum of fifteen minutes and these slots are subject to availability. Charges for all other locations are purely at the discretion of Computer Soup Ltd. and are judged on a job by job basis. During the consultation time the engineer will assess any equipment and advise accordingly. After this period the engineer can continue to perform any necessary fix upon the authorisation of the customer and after agreeing a fee or if deemed necessary arrange for a further appointment. Please note that due to an engineer’s workload any work may require a further visit to complete. Computer Soup Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any data loss or computer failure that results from this consultation period. By accepting this free estimate the customer accepts these terms and conditions. Computer Soup Ltd. will not be held responsible for any security risks s or financial loss resulting from an engineers visit and works carried out.

9. The ‘No-Fix No Fee’ policy terms are as follows. If following extensive testing on a fault the engineer deems the hardware or component to be beyond repair then this is deemed as a ‘fix’ and therefore chargeable for the time spent assessing this outcome. Computer Soup Ltd. will always strive to find a satisfactory resolution for its customers and a charge a fair price. If through diagnosis on the phone beforehand the engineer deems the problem likely to be unsolvable then the job will be chargeable. The engineer will inform the customer of this and agree satisfactory terms. Computer Soup Ltd. reserves the right to withdraw any offers without prior notice and reserves the right to refuse any work. Please note Computer Soup Ltd. operates a minimum charge policy for successful completion of work. If we are able to fix a problem regardless of shortness of time there will be a minimum charge of £50.00.

10. Any products or parts supplied by Computer Soup Ltd are covered by a 28 day warranty for manufacturing faults only and not those caused by misuse. After 28 days a proof of purchase will be provided for the client to liaise directly with the manufacturer.

11. Please note that at times the engineer may be unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances or pre-booked vacations. Any issues arising during this time for work carried out prior to these times will be dealt with as a priority on the engineers return to work. Any third party employed to carry out reparative work in the absence of a  Computer Soup Ltd engineer will render the work carried out by Computer Soup Ltd as null and void. Computer Soup Ltd. will not be held responsible for any difficulties arising after reparative work has been carried out by a third party.

12. Any reparative work undertaken to be completed away from the clients home or place of business will be commenced within 14 days. A timescale for completion will be given but due to the nature of the business delays may occur and the timescale adjusted accordingly. Computer Soup Ltd. will notify the client of any changes to the timescale either by phone or email.

13. Any appointments cancelled within 24 hours of commencement will incur a cancellation charge of £20 unless the appointment is rescheduled within 7 days of the original appointment. If the rescheduled appointment is cancelled the cancellation charge will re-apply and payable regardless of any rescheduled appointment.

14. A surcharge of £20 will be added to the total invoice cost for any work carried out within the M25 area but outside of Bromley and its neighbouring boroughs to cover travel expenses.

15. In giving your signature to this document you the customer agree to the Computer Soup Ltd. terms and conditions of business. You give endorsement that you are happy with all works carried out by Computer Soup Ltd. and that instruction has been given and work has been shown to you to be satisfactorily completed. Under certain circumstances Computer Soup Ltd. can dispose of and take away old equipment. Once goods are taken away it is not possible to return these items under any circumstances. Your customer data is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and stored purely for processing and contact purposes. No information will be passed on to a third party without consent.

Computer Soup Ltd. Registered in England 06011895
Registered Office: 26 Cherry Orchard Road Bromley Kent. BR2 8NE